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Salsa Savannah Dance Class Waiver

*As of August 2022*

This Agreement is entered into by and between Roger Wilson-James of Salsa Savannah (hereinafter known as “Roger”) and the undersigned client (hereinafter known as “Client”) for the purposes of setting a provision of training services by Trainer to Client, and Client’s use of any premises, facilities or equipment are contingent upon this Agreement.



The Client agrees that engaging in any physical fitness activities, including personal training can be strenuous and the use of equipment or facilities, or being on the premises for any purpose involves the risk of serious injury.


The Client does, at his/her own risk, whether engaging in physical fitness or not, in the participation of any program, activity, event, or instructions whether or not part of the Trainer's programs for dance, fitness, dance recreational activities, assume the risk and any injuries that he/she may incur, including injuries or damages sustained resulting from the use of equipment, facilities, accidents in the premises, whether provided for by the Trainer or due to negligence of Trainer.



The Client agrees to release, waive, discharge, and hold harmless the Trainer, the trainer's affiliates, employees, agents or representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all claims or causes of action, without limitation to injuries whether resulting or occurring from travel related to personal training, with the use of any equipment or facilities of the Trainer, or negligence, from loss, liability, or damages that the Trainer might incur.



The Parties acknowledge that the clauses in this Agreement are intended to be read and construed as separate from each other. Any invalidity as declared by the court shall invalidate only the said provision. The rest of the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.



This Agreement shall be construed in accordance to the State of Georgia, without any regard to its conflicts of laws provision.



By signing this Agreement, Client acknowledges that he/she has carefully read this waiver and fully understands the content hereto. Client submits voluntarily and was not threatened, intimidated, or was under in any form of duress, representations or inducement.

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